October 5, 2002

IFOS is a space combat game. It is no longer finished, but if I have time I will implement the multiplayer part (and maybe IA for bot ship). "Script" that allow to load scene/ship parameters should be better; for a real script engine in the next version (to customize the maximum of object in the 3d scene).

I began this game (and the u3d engine) 4 month ago (june 2002); there is probably minor bug. And some effects are not exactely like I want... Time and motivation are missing...

I'm not a graphist, so I decided to find model on the web. I found ship model from wing commander and some other from starlancer and jedi knight 2, but they are low poly model. Furthermore, bump textures are generated ... the result could be best with more accurate textures. If anyone (a graphist) join me for the game it will be great !

IFOS use the U3D engine